Conference Room Scheduler To Shake Off That Stupor

Recently I popped in at a friend’s office for an afternoon. Having just recently been brought into an organization with a lot of money but not a lot of expertise, he had been managing a crushing schedule of meetings and simply getting stuff done that had him both physically and mentally taxed. His entire organization, in fact, seemed to be walking around in some sort of over-worked stupor.

You could tell things were in a bit of disarray. We watched as people attempted to scramble to relocate a meeting when a conference room was double-booked. Turned out using an archaic system of simply placing sheets of paper on the conference room door with scribbled phrases like “Sal has a meeting 4PM” was not quite working out. Lucky break then that I happened to be stopping by that afternoon and was able to direct their attention towards the conference room scheduler software made by My VRM. All parties involved immediately knew that meeting scheduling software was exactly what they needed to get organized.

When implemented, the work scheduling software had an immediate and far reaching positive affect.  When I stopped in a few weeks later meetings were running smoothly and the entire company seemed to have slept off some of that stressful stupor. I felt a little pride for my suggestion.

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