Automation – Maximizing Your Operational Success

Identifying redundant expenses and eliminating them is paramount to increasing productivity in any company.  For years, companies have been able to increase their workflow and production time, while reducing their costs and redundancies thanks to workload automation software.  There is however, one area largely overlooked for redundancy and inefficacy – meeting, video conferencing and event scheduling.  Many company executives believe that scheduling these events is easy and takes no time at all.  Yet, this is often not the case.  Scheduling a meeting, video conference or event is a challenging and time consuming task often made up of several moving parts that must come together to enable the meeting or event to take place successfully.  If you have a multi-venue meeting or event that must be coordinated, the challenge is compounded.

Administrative Assistants are usually responsible for scheduling meetings, video conferences and events.  This typically takes hours out of this person’s day and interferes with other tasks that need to get done.  They have to check the schedules and calendars of all the participants, secure a meeting location based on the requirements and parameters provided, and arrange for any additional services – catering, a/v equipment, parking passes, security badges, etc. – that might be needed.  The coordination of multi-venue conferences is even more time consuming and can take days to arrange.  If anything changes at the last minute, or after a meeting has been set, the meeting coordinator will have to start the scheduling process all over.  This amounts to time wasted and money lost.  Scheduling meetings and events is important, but it should only take minutes – not hours or days.  You might be asking, is this even possible?

Yes, when you implement scheduling software that allows your company to automate the scheduling process.  Automating the scheduling process ensures that nothing will be missed.  Not all scheduling solutions are created equal, and not all of them allow you to automate the scheduling process.  A few important features to look for:

  • Anywhere, anytime access from multiple entry points
  • A centralized, customizable dashboard
  • Every step of the process is on one screen
  • Disseminates the proper information to the proper individuals
  • You can create and manage templates making the scheduling process even faster

The right scheduling software will have all of these features and more, plus it will make coordinating meetings and video conferences easier and faster – and it will save your organization time and money.

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