What are the best meeting options for small companies operating with no dedicated office location?

Thanks to multi-point video conferencing and websites dedicated to renting out meeting rooms for video conferences or in-person meetings, companies of every size can schedule meetings without a hassle.  If you are operating from your home or utilizing a shared office space facility, these are your best options for conducting client or prospect meetings.  Both options provide you with flexibility and cost savings, while allowing you to “see” your clients or prospects.

About myvrm

myVRM is a patented, web-based, multi-level scheduling solution that streamlines the process of conference coordination. With myVRM, you have one solution that does it all – invites participants, schedules resources, manages details and produces reports for tracking and billing. You can easily create user profiles, groups and templates so your next conference is just a few clicks away! myVRM is customizable, talks to all platforms and is accessible from multiple entry points. Coordination with your current and future equipment is no problem since myVRM works with all equipment on the market – including video bridges and endpoints. myVRM is the perfect solution for scheduling conferences. You enjoy a strong ROI with myVRM in terms of cost savings and efficient use of conferencing resources. To learn more about myVRM, visit our website at www.myVRM.com.
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